Monday, July 04, 2005

I hate sketchbooks.
That's probably too strong. I don't HATE them per se, I just can't use them. I don't know what it is about a bunch of bound paper that intimidates me. Maybe it's that gutter that marks the no-man's-land between the right and the left pages. I just can't draw in a sketchbook. I couldn't keep one when I went to art school and I still can't some 20+ years later. On the other hand I can doodle on a pad a of paper, on a pile of white bond, on punched animation paper, on a napkin, a newspaper or almost any other flat surface for that matter. But put a black covered, hard-bound volume of stark white wood pulp in front of me and I sweat like an Amish groom on his wedding night. To fill this tome with sketches that show sensitivity and range and dedication? IT"S TOO MUCH PRESSURE!!!!

So I came up with a better solution. I won a small Disney sketchbook of a Ebay awhile back and I am putting it to good use. I doodle as I am wont to do. I sit in front of my computer or in meetings and fill pages with random mindless scribbles. Some good, most not so good. I gather up a pile of these pages and take them home to share with my wife then I eviscerate them. I edit out what I consider best of the bunch and toss the rest. I then take my stubby gluestick in fist and glue these tiny examples of my brilliance in my sketchbook. Voila! Problem solved. Only the best go into the book. My wife doesn't like this since she likes to see the flow of ideas on the page. But I like to be able to see the gold instead of the dross.


Blogger Jack Ruttan said...

Good luck with it. I'm actually working on not being afraid of my bad drawings. Because I do one, and for the long time after, I think I'm a crappy artist. But it's a learning thing.

I fill volumes of sketchbooks. Putting stuff on pristine paper as art is what freaks me out. But I can always do something if it's an assignment for money.

9:42 AM

Blogger Doug said...

huh... I have the SAME problem. I love sketchbooks. They always seem to be calling my name when I see one in a store. However, when I get one home I am afraid to draw in it. I feel the pressure to do something really good, or clever. I have no problems drawing on copy paper though, so I doodle away and then clip out anything that I like.

Now my problem is the stack of little doodles that need to be glued down. Never seem to have the time to do that.

oh, well.....

3:42 PM


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