Saturday, July 02, 2005

On this site in 1795...

Well here it is. Another detour on the information superhighway. I suppose it will be awhile before we will know if it's just another cheap souvenir stand or a worthwhile "point of interest" the intrepid electronic traveler will enjoy coming back to.

Actually, I want to use my blog to share the doodles and sketches I do all day long while sitting at my desk or in meetings. Oh I will post images that were done for real life jobs as well. But my favorite doodles are the ones that come unbidden. The ones that start with an unusual scribble for a nose and progress outwards. These images are like free association on the page. The mind spontaneously pushes the pen where it wants to go. Sometimes it seems that these are drawings that have to get out and find life on the page. They need to be pushed out of my brain to make room for the next cartoon.

I know that when I am doing character sketches for a particular assignment I will often draw something that is completely wrong for the job. I feel I need to get that concept onto the paper so I really see how wrong that direction is. Only once it's in black and white on the paper can I evaluate how stupid it is. Sometimes, much to my amazement, there is something...some small part of that scribble that leads me in the right direction, Or even down a path that I hadn't considered.

The image, I have hopefully attached correctly, included here was used in a TV commercial a couple of years back. It was a spot for a fundraising lottery for a local hospital. in the next little while I will dig around for more ddodles, scribbles, sketches, drawings, and assorted gak to clutter up my blog. Enjoy!


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